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I have a truck, but no load. I have a load, but no truck… Or, as a trucker, I’m lucky enough to get a commission for a delivery but the only thing I carry on my way back is bad mood caused by the dead mileage. Which dispatch planner in a forwarding or haulage company doesn’t know this situation?

The raising transportation costs and the fierce competition on the market, pressure transport industry to get more and more viable as well as to develop new solutions. Companies have to optimise capacities, avoid empty running and find even more business opportunities. To be able to operate profitably in the logistics industry, one needs service innovations which will enhance especially the long-term competitiveness of the company. How to achieve it?

A good way to improve performance in the transportation sector pose new technologies like freight exchanges, since they directly affect the efficiency and profitability of the company. They are simple to use, the data is depicted in an easily understandable and transparent tables. Thanks to the online access they are available regardless of place and time and seem to be a perfect tool for everybody who is tired of outdated address lists or lengthy telephone conversations.

Online platforms like TC Truck&Cargo from TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH offer daily even up to 300 000 international vehicle and freight offers facilitating the search of return loads. Thanks to the great choice of offers, shippers and carriers thanks can finally fully exploit their capacity to transport not only quickly and safely but also effectively.

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