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There are not many means of transport which are as ecologic and light as bikes but Izhar Gafni goes much further now: building a bike made out of cardboard. He has grown up in Kibitz Bror Jail, South of Israel, in a family originally from Brazil. In Kibitz Bror Jail the bike is number one transportation!

When he showed his work some engineers they told him that it would be a crazy idea and it would not be feasible. He worked for four years at his bike and succeeded in the end. His first drafts were made out of origami. For a better stability he folded the cardboard severeal times.

The bike is mainly made out of one single part: the wheels and the frame (each one piece of cardboard). For the tire he used caoutchouc of old car tires and you do not have to worry about holes anymore. Moreover, the bike can stand a weight of 496lb and very important, it is waterproof! If you do not need the bike anymore, you can just throw it away. It’s recyclable.

The bike is sustainable, ecologic and economic. So far, we do not know if you can find it on the racks soon but most important fact: if you can find it, you do something for the environment and it will be cheap. Click here to see who it works.

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