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Better safe than sorry, says an old popular. This applies even more so when you have to assign a load to a road haulier with whom you perhaps for the first time work with.

A few simple rules can help in the selection and verification of the road haulier.




  1. Check and save all documentation relating the load and transport job.

When entrusting a load to a haulier, always make sure you have the original of the consignment and get answers to questions in written form as well. Double- and cross-check all documents that can help verifying the ‘identity of the haulier at the time of loading. Documents such as: Identity card of the driver, the vehicle’s registration number, vehicle insurance, vehicle operator’s license.

  1. Eyes on the phone!

Contact with your haulier only via phone is not recommendable. In case of contact with the driver, be sure that the call is coming from the corporate headquarters and check the number that is calling you, or cross-check it with their contact details in case of the load being allocated via a freight exchange.

  1. Be aware of details when working with extern subcontractor.

First time work with one of your hauliers? Provide facts from the corporate headquarters, the full name of the lorry driver that will be presented to the load and verify his identity card, BEFORE loading the goods.

  1. Check the insurance.

Always check that your haulier possesses a valid transport insurance. Ask for the policy number and request a check up with the issuing insurance company.

  1. Prioritise subcontractors with tracking.

Give priority to hauliers who have vehicles with an installed tracking devices, so it is possible to check the position of the vehicle at any time, for example, through tools such as the TC eMap from the TIMOCOM freight exchange where you can track different telematic providers in the same map.

  1. Double- and cross-check again, if you have doubts!

In the moment before loading you still have doubts? Take a few minutes of time and make a phone call to the corporate headquarters of the haulier and ask for further confirmation or verification of the corporate data stored in the platform of the freight exchange, if the business partner was found through here.

  1. Loads and goods of high value? Better be on the safe side!

If the load or the goods are of high value, it is recommended that you avoid working with subcontractors who you do not know or do not know very well. Better be on the safe side and do only entrusted such loads or goods to long-time business partners who you know are completely trustworthy.

  1. Have an overview over the exact delivery time

Check up on the delivery time of the load and that it is really delivered at that time and at the right place Again, here tools like TIMOCOM’s TC eMap and the tracking function are very helpful in following the location of the vehicle AND in case of dubious detours, you can react immediately!


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