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Since there are many examples of freight exchanges around the world offering many services to haulers and freight forwarders, deciding on which one to use became difficult. However, not all of the freight exchanges provide the same range and quality of products and services.

The following checklist is recommended before deciding on which online freight exchange to choose:

1. How many offers of vehicle capacity / freight do every day appear in the system?
2. How many customers have signed contracts?
3. Is the system available in my native language?
4. In how many countries has the system been alrady introduced?
5. How many customers use it in these countries?
6. Is there a credit check?
7. Is there a support hotline, and is it free?
8. What are the technical access requirements?
9. What is the total cost?
10.Is there a possibilty to test the system in a free, real-mode first?

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